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Video Of A Collapsing Building

The building in the video took months or years to build (brick by brick, nail by nail, etc.), yet when explosive charges are detonated in strategic places, it comes down much more quickly as you'll see in the video below.

It's the same concept for playing the Phase 2 Game and knocking out the cloud cover. When your Expanded Self helps you use your Phase 2 drilling tools to drill in "strategic places," the cloud cover gets knocked out much more quickly than how long it took to put it in place in Phase 1, although the cloud cover isn't generally knocked out in seconds like the demolition of the building (as I discussed in the book) -- so you can ultimately fully appreciate in off the charts ways the Phase 2 expansion process and how you pulled off the Phase 1 "Miracle."

Click on the play button below to load the video:



Audio Discussion Of The Role "Others" Play In Your Hologram

Right-click on the link of your choice below to download the audio clip. It was recorded in 2006, even though you'll hear me introduce it as a "new discovery":

Download "Others" audio clip
(others.mp3 - 2MB)


The Key Points

Right-click on the link of your choice below to download the Key Points document in the format you prefer:

Microsoft Word



Bonus Chapters

There are 3 bonus chapters that I originally included in the book but which were edited out by my publisher who wanted the book to be a certain length They're called:

  1. The Skybox And Beyond (Additional metaphors to lock in how your perspective changes as you expand in Phase 2)
  2. The Story Lines (stories of how my journey in Phase 2 unfolded as well as stories from other players worldwide)
  3. The Dialogues (my answers to the most frequently asked questions about Phase 2 and The New Business Game)

Right-click on the link below to download them as one combined document:

Download The Bonus Chapters



My "Octopus Pattern"

What I call my "Octopus Pattern" was the biggest and most complex pattern I created to lock me into Phase 1 of The Human Game and The "old" Business Game. It brilliantly replicated itself throughout my life -- personally and professionally -- and kept me locked into an endless up-down, up-down, success-failure, frustration and anger cycles. Right-click on the link below to download the audio.

Download The "Octopus" Audio



Recreating Your Team Audio

Right-click on the link below to download a special audio I created for you to add some insight into what's involved with recreating your team in Phase 2 as you expand and ultimately begin playing The New Business Game:

Download The Recreating Your Team Audio



List Of Movies That Are Supportive For Phase 2 Players

Following is a list of movies I've assembled over the years of that I (and other Phase 2 Players) find to be extremely supportive for playing the Phase 2 Game and The New Business Game. Right-click on the following link to download the list:




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